Welcome to the official discography of the author's music programmer Yekaterinburg musician CJ Ovandr.
In it, you can buy a computer music of different styles.
CJ Ovandr writing and making remakes of music genres:
+ Synthpop and Electro
+ Rock and Alternative
+ House and Disco
Music CJ Ovandr is of high quality and has an original. Author careful approach to recording music, note, and mastering. Music Production is carried out in such virtual studios as Empire Interactive "Ejay", Image-line "FLstudio", Sony "Acid", Propellerhead "Reason" and others. When records are used dozens of different virtual instruments and effects! As well as sound samples from different collections. The author tries to record music manually, without using tricks such as copying and pasting. (Excluding the works created in Sony "Acid" and compositions involving looped musical fragments) What should give a sense of naturalness ready Phonograms performance.
You can listen to it at home or use it in your derivative works, but if you want to insert music CJ Ovandr in your video or game - the author asks you to discuss this with them in advance to provide the best quality recordings, or for long-term cooperation. Your every donation will support and motivate CJ Ovandr on the further development of the Russian CJ-motion. Price 1 album by CJ Ovandr is substantially equal to the price of the music sold in the streaming services such as "i-Tunes" or "Google Play": 2 and a half dollar. Of course, you can safely download any album available for free.
Enjoy your listening.
Bilateral vinyl singles most sympathetic to the author, you can listen to the recordings on his page on the site:
CJ Ovandr, 2000-2015

All the music is laid out on my "circle" is a MP3-rip images of standard audio CDs recorded in the Ahead Nero. If you want to be my producer, I am ready to give you a range of materials available for standard audio as 16 bit 44 kHz stereo for a down payment and a reasonable contract; 0)